Tyl-580a full-automatic multi-station disc indexing and marking machine
  • Product series: Hot Trademark Series
  • Key word: Scalding machine Trademark machine Multicolor printing machine
  • Contacts:梁小姐
  • Price: Face to face

  • Product features:
    1.Automatic feeding, pressing and receiving
    2. PLC MAN-MACHINE INTERFACE: The control panel is a touch screen, which is easy to operate, fast and stable
    3. DIVIDING PRINCIPLE: The use of heavy-duty high-precision dividers, precision, long use period;
    4. PNEUMATIC PRINCIPLE: imported rodless cylinder for the original power of the implementation of the work, low noise, stable movement, reliable performance;
    5. HIGH-EFFICIENCY AND ENERGY-SAVING: adopting rotary automatic intake, feeding, no manual operator standard; productivity is more than 3 times the efficiency of ordinary machines;


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