Tyl-666 multicolor overprint assembly line automatic printing machine
  • Product series: Standalone Series
  • Key word: Insole printing machine Printing machine Multicolor press
  • Contacts:梁小姐
  • Price: Face to face

  • 1、 The human-machine interface is intelligent, the multicolor overprint is completed in one go, and the operation is simple;
    2. Double track frame mechanism, double shaft cylinder power, with adjustable speed and stroke, and automatic positioning function;
    3. Perfect integrated design of printing machine base, fast and simple loading and unloading of screen plate;
    4. The original PLC control system imported from Mitsubishi has strong anti-interference ability, flexible response and good stability;
    5. Parameters such as stroke, speed, printing times and automatic counting of scraper can be set and modified at will;
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