Tyl-620 rocker cutting machine tengyulong machinery
  • Product series: Standalone Series
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  • 1、 Product use:
    This machine is suitable for one or more layers of various vamp, sole, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, hard paper, nylon, canvas, non-woven fabric, cotton and hemp fabric and various synthetic materials. It can be cut by knife die to achieve the purpose of forming.
    2、 Technical features:
    1. The specially designed oil circuit system can adjust the height of the swing arm conveniently, without any adjustment after changing the height of the cutter die.
    2. Operation is labor-saving, simple, low failure rate, and there is no noise of traditional blanking machine, less failure, easy maintenance.
    3. The accuracy of the upper and lower worktops is stable to ensure that the stress of each cutting point is the same. Avoid uneven layers
    4. Using electronic timer to control the lower limit position of stroke, the best cutting position can be easily obtained, with high precision, high speed and low energy consumption.
    5. The rocker type cutting head rotates freely, with the best sight in operation, convenient material selection and improved efficiency
    6. Special material cutting head, equipped with lubrication system, prolongs service life, and cutting effect is the best.
    7. It can use double-sided sharp cutting knife to save labor and cost of cutting die and base plate.
    8. Using handwheel to adjust the distance between swing arm and lower cutting stroke is stable and easy to operate.
    9. The two hand button is used for blanking, without continuous defects and high safety.
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