Tyl-804 punching machine tengyulong machinery
  • Product series: Standalone Series
  • Key word: Brand press Printing machine Cotton frother
  • Contacts:梁小姐
  • Price: Face to face

  • Scope of application: specially designed for leather goods, shoemaking, handbag and other enterprises. It is used for single hole punching of leather, replacing the special equipment of pure manual punching, reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency.
    1. Adopt gas-liquid booster cylinder for secondary stamping, and increase the punch force to punch through 20 mm leather.
    2. Strong punching force ensures that the punching effect is free of burr and burr.
    3. The stamping speed is fast, and the stamping time can be adjusted by a timer.
    4. The waste washed out is easy to collect to ensure environmental health.
    5. Flexible movement, convenient and light, punching and irregular punching.
    Our main products: bronzing machine, multicolor printing machine, heat transfer machine, brand press, insole printing machine, insole heat transfer machine.

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